Online Sessions

Online therapy is an effective and convenient alternative to seeing a therapist in person. By using your headphones and tablet or laptop you can receive therapy within the safety and comfort of your own space where you feel you can talk freely without being overheard or interrupted for the duration of the online session. Research evidence suggests that even though online therapy is a convenient option it is not a poorer alternative to face to face therapy. On the contrary it can be as effective as seeing a therapist in person

Some of the benefits of online therapy are:

— Experience of safety and comfort within your own space

— There is no need to travel to see your therapist. You can therefore save money      and time

— Ideal if there are restrictions with your mobility

— There is a wider range of therapists you can chose as you are not bound by          the limits of geography

Sometimes you may find the idea of looking at a therapist or being seen by them overwhelming. This may be because of the thoughts or feelings you are experiencing, how you see yourself as a person or the nature of the problem affecting you. If you do not feel ready to be seen by the therapist the online counselling can be carried on with the camera turned off.

Online sessions take place at a per-arranged date and time via zoom platform (an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio chats across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems).

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