Parenting and Family Issues

Being a parent may be very complicated at times and have many unique challenges. This long lasting relationship between you as a parent and your child can give you exhilaration, pride and love but at the same time it can be peppered with panic and despair. The challenges may vary depending on the stage of your child’s development and your family situation (single parenting, blended family parenting or step-parenting). Parenting issues and worries of the new born or young child may make you feel anxious, helpless, tired and not good enough. Making also decisions that will affect your child’s future is a huge responsibility. Thinking that your choices will determine your child’s education, health and ability to relate to others may put burden on you. Such pressure may take away the enjoyment of everyday parenthood and contribute to your own anxiety and depression. If your child reaches the adolescence, new challenges turn up that may lead to conflict and the need to negotiate the new dynamics in your relationship with your child.

Bringing these anxieties to therapy will allow you to hear and understand your worries, to identify roots of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Therapy can be a place where we examine your own character preferences and identify to what extend they are in tune with your child’s, understand the attachment style of your child and how this is linked with your own attachment patterns.


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