Student Assistance Programme (SAP)

For students and their families


Most children and young people go through times in their lives when things are tough and difficult to manage. There are lots of different things that can cause difficulties at home or at school. There might be problems getting on with parents or siblings. Maybe it is difficult at school with friends and classmates or with teachers. There might be problems because your parents are splitting up or because you cannot see them as often as you want. Families can be hard work sometimes and when you are not getting on at home it can be difficult to concentrate at school and get on with your friends. If it feels like your teachers or friends do not understand, then that can make it even harder for you.


If that describes what you are feeling at the moment, then talking to a counsellor could really help. As well as listening to you and respecting your point of you, a counsellor can help you think about ways in which you can make your relationships better, perhaps by talking to people in a different way or doing things differently. The Student Assistance Programme (SAP) is here to help you and your immediate family members manage the concerns in your life. You can count on the SAP for guidance and support for issues that interfere with daily activities, happiness, family stability, or overall well-being. Some of the issues the SAP can help you with include.

  • School performance
  • Stress
  • Confusion
  • Trouble with peers
  • Alcohol & other drug problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Problem gambling concerns
  • Dating and relationship issues
  • Conflict, bullying, or violence
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Family concern

If additional resources are needed, referrals or ongoing sessions which are appropriate, beneficial, and affordable are arranged.


Monday — Friday           09:00 — 20:00