Sexual Problems

Sexual problems refer to a wide range of difficulties that may happen at any point before, during or after sex. The Masters and Johnson research team has been the first bunch of researchers which referred to the sexual response cycle, a sequence of emotional and physical changes that happen when you become aroused and engage in sexually stimulating activity, such as masturbation or intercourse. In both men and women, these events may be identified as occurring in a sequence of four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.  If your body doesn’t respond during one or more of these states, it can be a sign that there may be a problem.

Physical, emotional, psychological and situational factors (or a combination of them) can lead to the development of sexual problems. Talking about sexual problems is understandably difficult and embarrassing for many people.  Problems with sex can feel very personal. However, suffering in silence could lead to anxiety and unhappiness in your life and for those around you – particularly your partner. Although sexual problems can stem from deeper issues within a relationship, sexual dysfunction can also cause relationships to suffer. Sex and sexual intimacy is an important part of bonding between two people in a relationship and without it, a couple can become disconnected. When this happens it is a good indication that you need to start thinking about getting help and support from counselling.


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