Work-related Issues

In modern societies the majority of people spend a lot of time at work. This gives structure and purpose to life, keeps the body and brain occupied and promotes a sense of satisfaction. When you enjoy your job, it can provide happiness and fulfilment.  Yet when the pressure at work becomes excessive and the demands of your job exceed your ability to cope it can lead to work-related stress. Similarly, workplace bullying, harassment, unrealistic deadlines and feeling inadequate or undervalued can make you feel overwhelmed.

If you think you are suffering from work-related stress, it is important you seek help. It may be easy to think that these negative feelings will pass or that everyone feels that way, but carrying these feelings with you for a prolonged period of time can greatly affect your life, physically and mentally.

“Consider the compatibility of the job role and your inner resources. Do not underestimate yourself: often people are able to achieve much more than they believe they could. Try and remember the times when you have done something really well. Remember the feeling and use it when you need to motivate yourself.”

It can be highly rewarding to be in a role that you are passionate about and that reflects you as a person – where you can apply your skills and talents while growing at the same time. Unfortunately not everyone ends up in such a role, and many people are in jobs that make them feel bored, unmotivated and frustrated. Resolving your career issues however can be a difficult process. Many people are clueless as to what job would satisfy them and feel stuck, while some desire change but feel unable to leave their current role. Others may be struggling with a personal issue or problem at work that is preventing them from enjoying their job and performing at their best. If you experience a similar situation you could benefit from support in the form of counselling.


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